Playing futile self-improvement games

I feel like it speaks volumes of my stupidity and utter foolishness that i never think to put my keys in a safe compartment of my bag when i leave the flat - as opposed to my usual routine of carelessly tossing them into the unorganized mess of a black hole that makes up the rest of my bag - and therefore inevitably always end up spending five minutes rummaging unsystematically through the contents in the cold upon returning… part cursing the poor decision making that’ll one day give me a frostbite, and part panicking at the thought of having potentially lost them, because WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY AFTER FIVE MINUTES NOW??!. 

(Beneath a mountain of Lemsip sachets, make-up, tube maps and other random items, THAT’S WHERE.)

Tragically, I know that I’m too useless a person to start behaving according to logic/introducing organization into my life. I’ll always be late for appointments, and I’ll never know the exact location of my keys.

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